About Us

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Ink Formation started with a passion I found while taking a college class in 2010 for typography and layout art. One assignment in the class was to create a type figure design. I made a type figure lizard. It sparked my imagination. 

During my time at college, I went on to study multimedia, and later gaming and animation. However, I kept finding myself going back to graphic design. I continued to create type figure artwork and shirt designs. By 2015, I realized it was my dream to own a t-shirt business using original type figure artwork. 

At the beginning of 2017, I took steps to fully realize my dream. Ink Formation launched in May 2017. 

Ink Formation is a small and personal business. My name is Ryan Bangerter, and I am the founder, CEO, and sole employee of Ink Formation. All shirt designs you see on this website were created by me personally. I enjoy the ability to be so hands on with my company. Ink Formation is part of who I am.

While I am the only employee of Ink Formation, I am not alone in this business. My wife, Cara, advises me and assists me in design ideas. I also receive support from other family members. I consider these individuals as "unofficial" members of my business. 

At Ink Formation we pride ourselves on creating truly unique type figure designs. We sell t-shirts and related products with animal designs made up of words associated with the animal. Ink Formation, where word is an art form.